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  Phase I
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Visit the IPv6 Forum's Boundv6 project for continued testing efforts.

June 2007 Test Set Items

The focus of the June 2007 Test Set is on End-to-End secure network demonstrations including rich media, voice and software applications. The purpose is to exemplify IPv6 progression and growth to the IPv6 community as well as validate real peer-to-peer applications without the need of a central authority.

  1. Redundant Command and Control Center
  2. End-to-End Secure Network Demonstrations
  3. Printing Server Demonstrations
  4. IPv6 Application Demonstrations

Along with the WAN testing, the UNH-IOL will become a redundant command and control center for the first responders working along side MetroNet6. The MetroNet6 will emulate a Command Control Center, using Moonv6, over the Internet to an emulated National Homeland Security Office securely for communications updates. This metropolitan network will be used for:

  1. Voice
  2. Video
  3. Graphics
  4. Intelligence
  5. Medical
  6. Other forms of data through multimedia communications